Airport flight boards – all about FIDS

A Flight Information Display System, also known as FIDS, helps guide you at the airport – learn more and find our virtual airport flight boards in this guide.

No matter the size of the airport, the airport flight board is a crucial part to make your time at the airport as convenient as possible. The flight boards are found all around the airport and make sure that the passengers are well informed about their flights. The information systems are also important for the control staff at the airport.

On the boards you find information based on something called FIDS, which is short for Flight Information Display System. These computer systems run automatically and present information that isn’t limited by any language barriers. If the airport is large, you can even find FIDS that are displayed and set for a certain airline or terminal.

Thanks to FIDS, the airport flight boards can present real-time information that is constantly updated to make sure passengers find out everything they need to know about for example boarding time, delays or which gate to head to. You can find the screens all around the airport, and the information can also be found online. Here at we can offer a virtual flight board for each airport – by following the links below you can see how it works with some of the largest airports in the world.

flight board london heathrow
By using our virtual airport flight boards you get live information about all flights at each airport – in this case Heathrow (LHR).

Which info does the FIDS give me?

The computer systems show necessary flight information that can differ some from one case to another. Usually you find the airline’s IATA designator, the destination, arrival/departure time and the status (for example if the flight has departed, is delayed or is currently boarding). When it comes to departing flights you can usually also find the check-in-counter and the gate number.

Note! Some flights can have several different flight numbers presented on the airport flight board, thanks to codesharing between airlines.