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Munich Airport (MUC), officially known as Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, is located near Freising and is the second busiest airport in Germany after Frankfurt Airport. MUC serves as a crucial gateway to Bavaria and plays a significant role in connecting passengers to destinations across Europe, Asia and North America.

Terminal layout and gates

The airport features two terminals connected by the Munich Airport Center (MAC), an expansive plaza that houses shops, restaurants and service facilities. Each terminal is designed to handle specific types of traffic and airlines.

Terminal 1

Dedicated to non-Star Alliance airlines, this terminal is segmented into modules A through E, each equipped with gates and facilities tailored to handle both Schengen and non-Schengen flights efficiently. Terminal 1 is known for its ease of navigation and includes a mix of jet bridges and bus-boarding gates.

Terminal 2

Operated jointly by Lufthansa and the airport, this terminal serves Star Alliance and Lufthansa partner airlines. It features a main building and a satellite facility, both of which are connected by an automated people mover. Terminal 2 offers gates neatly arranged in a spoke-like layout for easy access.

Baggage handling when connecting at MUC

Munich Airport's luggage system is optimized to provide a swift and secure transfer of baggage between flights. The transfer situation depends on what type of ticket you have – learn more below.

Single ticket transfers

Passengers traveling on a single itinerary will have their bags automatically transferred to their onward flights, including those requiring customs checks.

Multiple ticket or different airlines

Passengers may need to collect and recheck their baggage, particularly when switching between terminals or airlines not covered under a codeshare agreement. Note that this option means that you need to have a little more time on hand when changing flights.

munich airport information hub
Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany and is an important hub for both domestic and international flights.

How is the security routine at the airport?

Passengers arriving from Schengen area countries typically do not go through additional passport control or security checks, as these flights are treated like domestic flights within the Schengen zone.

If you are arriving from outside the Schengen area, you will go through passport control to enter Germany. This process may include a brief interview about your trip, and you'll need to present your travel documents, such as your passport (and visa if required). Depending on your country of origin, customs checks might also be performed to inspect luggage for restricted or taxable goods.

Dining options at the airport

Munich Airport offers a diverse array of dining options that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Notable eateries include:

  • Airbräu Brewery: Located in the Munich Airport Center, this brewery offers traditional Bavarian dishes and freshly brewed beer in a convivial atmosphere.

  • Dallmayr Bistro: Situated in Terminal 2, this bistro serves high-quality Bavarian and international cuisine, ideal for travelers looking for a quick gourmet meal.

  • Selmans Restaurant & Bar: In Terminal 2 you also find this dining option which provides exclusive cuisine with a cosmopolitan image.


MUC is equipped with several airline lounges which provide comfort and convenience for passengers wanting to relax before their flight. Lufthansa Lounges are located in Terminal 2 and cater to various passenger classes and include amenities such as showers, buffet meals and quiet areas. Another option is the Airport Lounge World which has a bistro, a café and relaxation areas.

Accommodation at Munich Airport

There are multiple hotels located directly on the airport grounds or in the nearby area, providing easy access for transit passengers and visitors. Listed below you find some of the most popular options.

  • Hilton Munich Airport: Situated between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, this hotel offers upscale accommodations with direct terminal access.

  • Novotel München Airport: Located a short bus ride from the terminals, the hotel provides modern comfort and convenience.

  • MOXY Munich Airport: Situated just 5 minutes from the airport, this trendy hotel offers stylish, budget-friendly accommodations.

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Transportation options

Munich Airport is well connected to Munich city center and other regional destinations through various modes of transport.

  • S-Bahn: The S1 and S8 lines connect the airport to central Munich with a travel time of approximately 40-45 minutes, costing around €11.50.

  • Bus: Multiple bus lines offer services to nearby cities and regions.

  • Taxi: A taxi ride to downtown Munich typically costs about €70.

  • Car rental: Several car rental agencies are available at the airport, offering convenient options for those who prefer to drive.

If you prefer a car transfer this is also a possibility – check out the link below to see available options.

Car transfer at Munich Airport

Munich Airport facts
The flag of GermanyMunich, Germany
2 terminals
In Schengen Area?
The flag of EUYes
Known as
Munich Airport
Flughafen München
Airlines at Munich Airport airport

From MUC, you can choose from 71 different airlines to 222 different destinations

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Munich Airport car rental

If you are in need of a rental car, there are several options at MUC.

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Airport transfer and taxi

Taking a car transfer from Munich Airport to München City Centre takes 36 minutes.

Airport transfer picture
The graph above shows the number of departing passenger seats (with passengers or not) for the next 24 hours. This will give you a hint on how many people to expect at the terminal including check-in and security. Updated 05:44.
This graph shows the number of arriving passenger seats (with passengers or not) for the next 24 hours. With this information you may predict how many people will be arriving at the border check or taxi line for example. Updated 05:44.
Munich Airport airport hotels

If you are in need of a good night sleep, before or after you flight, we can help you decide where to stay. Within a distance of 3km we found hotels like NH München Airport , Hilton Munich Airport and Novotel München Airport

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lufthansa munich airport hub
Lufthansa offers thousands of flights from Munich Airport every month.

Hub information

Munich Airport is a major hub for Lufthansa, Germany’s flagship carrier, and serves as a key base for its subsidiary, Lufthansa CityLine. As a Star Alliance member, Munich Airport facilitates extensive global connections and is critical for both business and leisure travel in the region. Its strategic location and comprehensive network makes it a good transit point for international travelers heading to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Things to do in Munich

Whether you're just passing through or staying in Munich, you'll find plenty of fun activities to do after landing at Munich Airport.

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