Samarkand airport information

Samarkand (SKD) is the second largest airport in Uzbekistan. You can fly to 21 destinations with 18 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

Samarkand facts
The flag of UzbekistanSamarkand, Uzbekistan
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Current SKD flights delays

Flight delay status based on 2 observations out of 2 flights between Apr 19 15:04 and Apr 19 18:04 (UTC).

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Airlines at Samarkand airport

From SKD, you can choose from 18 different airlines to 21 different destinations

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Samarkand car rental

If you are in need of a rental car, there are several options at SKD.

Airport transfer and taxi

If you are arriving at Samarkand and want to go to the city, you have several options. You can take a bus, a taxi, or a rental car. The bus is the cheapest and most convenient option, as it runs frequently. The taxi is more expensive and may take longer depending on the traffic. The rental car gives you more flexibility, but you have to pay for parking and fuel.

Airport transfer picture
The graph above shows the number of departing passenger seats (with passengers or not) for the next 24 hours. This will give you a hint on how many people to expect at the terminal including check-in and security. Updated 16:58.
This graph shows the number of arriving passenger seats (with passengers or not) for the next 24 hours. With this information you may predict how many people will be arriving at the border check or taxi line for example. Updated 16:58.
Samarkand airport hotels

If you are in need of a good night sleep, before or after you flight, we can help you decide where to stay. Within a distance of 3km we found hotels like Marokand Spa Hotel , HOTEL IMAM AZAM and Comfort Hotel Samarkand

Things to do in Samarkand

Whether you're just passing through or staying in Samarkand, you'll find plenty of fun activities to do after landing at Samarkand.

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  • Full Day Experience swimming with dolphins &Snorkeling in Red Sea
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  • Samarkand city history, architecture and the culture tour (standard)
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  • Shahrisabz Private Excursion From Samarkand.
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  • Samarkand day trip
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