Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH) – information and services

The popular resort town of Sharm El Sheikh welcomes tourists from all over the world. Learn more about the city’s airport and its services in our guide.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH) serves as the primary gateway to the popular resort town of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. Located about 18 kilometers northeast of the city center, the airport plays an important role in bringing tourists to this popular diving and beach destination by the Red Sea.

Find your way at the airport

The airport in Sharm El Sheikh features two main passenger terminals that handle both domestic and international flights.

Terminal 1

This modern terminal primarily handles international flights. It features spacious check-in areas, a variety of shops, restaurants and lounges.

Terminal 2

Primarily used for domestic flights and some regional international flights. It offers essential services and amenities for travelers, including cafes and duty-free shopping.

Baggage handling when connecting at SSH

At Sharm El Sheikh Airport, the baggage handling process is tailored to accommodate different ticketing and travel arrangements. The process will look different depending on for example which type of ticket you choose.

Single ticket connections

For passengers traveling on a single ticket, baggage is typically checked through to the final destination. Customs checks are conducted at Sharm El Sheikh Airport for those arriving from non-domestic locations.

Multiple tickets or different airlines

Travelers holding multiple tickets or flying with different airlines might need to collect their baggage and recheck it for subsequent flights, especially when switching between international and domestic flights.

Security routine

The security routine at the airport is quite similar no matter if your flight is international or domestic. When it comes to international flights all passengers must go through security screening, which includes a walk-through metal detector and baggage X-ray examination. Additional random checks, including pat-downs and secondary screenings, may occur.

With domestic flights, similar security procedures are in place ensuring comprehensive safety measures are maintained.

Dining options at Sharm El Sheikh Airport

The airport offers a variety of dining options to cater to different tastes and preferences. Below we list some popular options that are all found in Terminal 1.

  • Cilantro: A popular coffee chain offering sandwiches, pastries and a range of hot and cold beverages.

  • Pizza Hut: Ideal for those craving a quick and familiar meal, serving a variety of pizzas and sides.

  • Burger King: A fast-food favorite, providing burgers, fries and other quick-service items.

  • Felfela: Offers traditional Egyptian cuisine, including grilled meats, salads and local specialties.

  • Cinnabon: Known for its delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee, perfect for a quick snack or treat.

Relax at the airport lounge

SSH provides lounge possibilities where travelers can take it easy before boarding their flight. In Terminal 1 you find the Pearl Lounge which is accessible to all passengers for a fee. The lounge offers a comfortable environment with snacks, drinks and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Find hotels in the area

Are you looking for a hotel that is located close to the airport? Several hotels near Sharm El Sheikh International Airport offer convenient accommodations for travelers – learn about some popular alternatives in the compilation below.

  • Sierra Sharm El Sheikh: A stylish resort situated approximately eight kilometers from the airport, featuring modern amenities, several restaurants and extensive leisure facilities.

  • Savoy Sharm El Sheikh: Situated about seven kilometers from SSH, this upscale hotel provides elegant rooms, multiple dining options and a private beach.

  • Concorde El Salam Hotel: Located around seven kilometers from the airport, offering comfortable accommodations, several pools and a range of dining choices.

Compare hotels close to SSH

Transportation to and from the airport

There are several transportation options for reaching Sharm El Sheikh and other parts of the region from the airport.

Taxi and ride-sharing

Taxis are readily available at the airport, with fares to the city center typically costing around EGP 100-150. Ride-sharing services like Uber are also available.


Local buses and mini buses operate between the airport and various destinations in Sharm El Sheikh, with fares starting at around EGP 5-10.

Car rental

Several car rental companies operate at the airport, with daily rates starting at around EGP 300, depending on the vehicle and season.

Sharm El Sheikh Airport facts
The flag of EgyptSharm el Sheikh, Egypt
2 terminals
Known as
Sharm El Sheikh Airport

Current SSH flights delays

Flight delay status based on 5 observations out of 5 flights between Jun 24 13:06 and Jun 24 16:06 (UTC).

15 MIN
30 MIN
45+ MIN
Airlines at Sharm El Sheikh Airport airport

From SSH, you can choose from 34 different airlines to 58 different destinations

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Sharm El Sheikh Airport car rental

If you are in need of a rental car, there are several options at SSH.

Airport transfer and taxi

If you are arriving at Sharm El Sheikh Airport and want to go to the city, you have several options. You can take a bus, a taxi, or a rental car. The bus is the cheapest and most convenient option, as it runs frequently. The taxi is more expensive and may take longer depending on the traffic. The rental car gives you more flexibility, but you have to pay for parking and fuel.

Airport transfer picture
The graph above shows the number of departing passenger seats (with passengers or not) for the next 24 hours. This will give you a hint on how many people to expect at the terminal including check-in and security. Updated 08:14.
This graph shows the number of arriving passenger seats (with passengers or not) for the next 24 hours. With this information you may predict how many people will be arriving at the border check or taxi line for example. Updated 08:14.
Sharm El Sheikh Airport airport hotels

If you are in need of a good night sleep, before or after you flight, we can help you decide where to stay. Within a distance of 3km we found hotels like Savoy Sharm El Sheikh , Concorde El Salam Sharm El Shiekh and Sierra Sharm El Sheikh

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tui airways ssh airport
One of the most active operators at Sharm El Sheikh Airport is charter airline TUI.

Hub information

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is a major hub for several charter and low-cost airlines, including EgyptAir, TUI Airways and easyJet. It connects Sharm El Sheikh with numerous destinations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, making it an essential entry point for international tourists visiting the region.

See all airlines operating out of SSH

Things to do in Sharm el Sheikh

Whether you're just passing through or staying in Sharm el Sheikh, you'll find plenty of fun activities to do after landing at Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

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